(PDF) Training Manual with Activities Using PlaneEnglish Aviation Radio Simulator

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The dictum “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” reminds pilots to keep their priorities straight: fly the airplane first. But good communication—called radiotelephony in aviation—is an essential aspect of flying safety, and for many it’s the most daunting, especially for students and low-time pilots. In many ways, learning radiotelephony is like learning a new language (even if it is, technically, English). The good news is that mastering communications as a pilot is easier than you might expect—and even, believe it or not, fun—with the right tools and opportunities to practice. 

You’re looking at one of those tools, a companion manual to our popular PlaneEnglish Aviation Radio Simulator (ARSim).

This manual focuses on the radio communications you are likely to encounter under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions. It is designed to teach you aviation phraseology and guide you through the PlaneEnglish ARSim to practice what you learn. When you are learning communications, it may feel a lot like rote memorization. But this manual encourages you to learn the meaning behind what you’re saying. In other words, what are you accomplishing through a transmission? What information are you sharing with Air Traffic Control (ATC)? And what information is ATC giving you? 

Take a look at a sample of the manual https://www.book2look.com/book/rpVmeSqrSB before purchasing.

Wherever you are along your flying adventure, we wish you blue skies. Stay Sharp on the Mic!