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ARSim Currently Supported Airports

Total Number of Supported Airports: 328

Expand Your Training Experience with Custom Airport Requests

ARSim's vast database currently supports 320+ airports worldwide, offering a diverse range of scenarios for your radio communication training. However, we understand the importance of practicing in familiar environments or preparing for specific destinations. That's why we offer you the unique opportunity to request the addition of your favorite airport to our ARSim database.

Why Request an Airport for the ARSim’s database?

  1. Familiarity: Train in an environment you know well or plan to fly to frequently.
  2. Specific Training Needs: Whether it's a challenging approach, unique communication procedures, or specific airspace, practicing in a specific airport can refine your skills more effectively.
  3. Educational Diversity: Instructors can provide students with a broader range of scenarios, simulating real-world flying more accurately.

What Happens Next?

Once you submit your airport request, our team will review the details and work on integrating the airport into our database. This process involves careful mapping of the airport's layout, communication frequencies, and other unique characteristics to ensure an authentic training experience. We strive to continually update our database and will notify you once your requested airport is live in ARSim.

Enhance Your Training Today with PlaneEnglish

Requesting your favorite airport not only benefits your training regimen but also contributes to the ARSim community by expanding the variety of training environments available. Join us in our mission to provide comprehensive and realistic radio communication training for pilots at all levels.

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