PlaneEnglish is dedicated to developing innovative tools that reduce training time and increase training effectiveness. Practice, feedback, and repetition are the foundations of building knowledge and expertise and at the core of our software tools.  Our interactive training solutions combine a simulator, instantaneous feedback, and a training curriculum, to provide users a self-training toolset that is affordable, effective, and maximizes training outcomes compared to the more expensive and resource-intensive training devices. 
The flagship product, ARSim Aviation Radio Simulator and training curriculum, is widely used by general aviation pilots, flight schools and the U.S. Air Force to better prepare all pilots.

PlaneEnglish is proud to be a training partner to the U.S. Air Force as well as a partner of the FAA Safety Team.

FAA Safety Team Partner

Proud partner of the FAA Safety Team

US Air Force Partner

U.S. Air Force training partner

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