Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) - Dashboard - available to training institutions provides an effective way to track student progress, identify problem areas, and facilitate individualized instruction.


ARSim can be incorporated into both ground instruction as well as flight instruction, offering the following benefits to schools and students.

Ground instruction

  • Individualized training by tracking student progress and identifying problem areas
  • Improved learning and teaching experience through instantaneous feedback and performance evaluation
  • Expanded training opportunities outside of the classroom, new and unfamiliar airports and airspaces
  • Realistic comms training environment and procedures for increased confidence in the air

Flight instruction

  • Accelerate flight training
  • Increase flight training effectiveness by avoiding comms lectures in the air
  • Focus flight training on tasks that must be done on the airplane
  • Expose and train students in complex comms environments
  • Prepare students to handle unusual situations by giving them comms muscle memory

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