ARSim Import - Features and Benefits

ARSim Features

ARSim Features

Learn on your terms and at your pace

ARSim, the Aviation Radio Simulator, is an application that allows pilots to simulate communication between pilot and air traffic control (ATC) and enables them to learn aviation phraseology and radiotelephony anywhere and at any time!
  • App- and web-based
  • Interactive and self-guided learning
  • Built-in training curriculum
ARSim Features

Experience ATC comms outside of the cockpit

The realistic, interactive environment simulates radio communication during all phases of flight, such as taxiing out, opening a flight plan, transitioning through airspace, and coming in for approach.
  • Over 300 airports and airspaces
  • Thousands of scenarios
  • All phases of VFR and IFR flight
ARSim Features

Master critical and invaluable aviation skills

All scenarios are based on actual airport and flight route information, including runways, taxiways, ATC (Air Traffic Control) facilities, parking ramps, and more.
  • FAA & ICAO aviation phraseology
  • Communication procedures
  • Radiotelephony
ARSim Features

Build ATC Comms Muscle Memory

The simulator teaches pilots the phraseology and procedures of aviation radio communication and allows them hours of practice outside of the cockpit to build ATC Comms Muscle Memory.
  • Phraseology corrections
  • Speech rate analysis
  • Radio proficiency scoring