Hillsboro Aero Academy - 12 month VFR+IFR custom access

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ARSim Access

This is a twelve (12) month access to the VFR+IFR  comms training content and airport database of the PlaneEnglish Aviation Radio Simulator, ARSim.

Access includes BASICS, VFR, IFR and TRAINER mode, as well as custom training content designed specifically for Hillsboro Aero Academy training and training areas. In addition, you will have access to the AIRPORT signs, markings, and lighting and the Instrument HOLDS training units.

In BASICS mode, users can learn and practice the foundations of aviation radio communication, from the pronunciation of numbers, the phonetic alphabet, and the phraseology for making requests and reading back clearances and instructions. In this mode, there are 88 lessons organized into eight modules that gradually expose pilots to aviation phraseology and radio procedures.

In VFR mode, users can learn and practice most of the aviation communication phraseology and procedures that they may encounter during a VFR flight. In this mode, there are 52 lessons grouped into seven modules that cover all phases of flight: taxi out, takeoff, flight plan, flight following, airspace entrance, approach, and taxi in.

In TRAINER mode, users can take advantage of a built-in training curriculum to advance through increasingly complex levels to train in all phases of VFR and IFR flight. Advancement to higher levels requires passing Stage Checks, which serve as an assessment of users' radio proficiency and offer the opportunity to earn your radio proficiency wings.

In AIRPORT mode you will learn and test your knowledge of the taxiway and runway signs, markings and lighting.

In HOLDS mode you will learn the basics of instrument holds, will practice identify the correct hold patterns and pattern entries, and will practice listening to and understanding hold instructions.

Once you complete the purchase you will receive an email with the access key and instructions for activating it on your device. The timer on your access will begin only when you activate your access key.

When the access has expired, you can simply purchase another access key to continue your training.

Wherever you are along your flying adventure, we wish you blue skies. Stay Sharp on the Mic!