PlaneEnglish Launches Updated ARSim Aviation Radio Simulator: Enhanced ATC Training Experience, Cross-Country Flight Simulation, and AI Integration

June 04, 2024


PlaneEnglish, the innovator in aviation communications training technology, is excited to announce a major update to its Aviation Radio Simulator (ARSim). This update brings a redesigned user interface, comprehensive progress tracking, and a generative AI feature, Q&AI, that leverages generative AI to provide answers to aviation and phraseology questions globally.

 Introducing a New User Interface

The latest ARSim update introduces a streamlined user interface to enhance the user experience. With lessons, Achievements, and the cross-country simulator, XC-Flight, now accessible with just a tap, navigating through ARSim has never been easier. The new, intuitive design ensures that new and experienced users can quickly find and utilize the needed features and can readily see the training objectives of each lesson.

Comprehensive Progress and Proficiency Tracking

ARSim now offers detailed progress and proficiency tracking for all lessons and individual units. Pilots and students can easily monitor their overall advancement and identify areas for improvement. This feature is designed to provide users with a clear understanding of their training progress, ensuring a more structured and effective learning experience. In addition, it’s now possible for users to create their own training plan, monitor their achievements, and hold themselves accountable.

Introducing Q&AI: Your Aviation Knowledge Companion

The standout feature of this update is ARSim’s new Q&AI, an advanced generative AI tool. Q&AI can answer any aviation or phraseology question, making it an invaluable resource for pilots globally. It also supports “intelligent searches” tailored to specific aviation authorities, including:

  • FAA - US (referencing the FAA AIM and JO7110.65)
  • EASA
  • CAA UK
  • NAV Canada

This global reach ensures that ARSim users can access accurate and relevant information, regardless of location or regulatory environment.

“Our goal with this update is to make ARSim even more accessible and valuable to our users,” said Muharrem Mane, co-Founder and CEO of PlaneEnglish. “The new user experience and progress tracking tools are designed to streamline the learning process, while Q&AI represents a significant leap forward in providing real-time, accurate aviation information. We’re proud to offer this to the global aviation community.”

The updated ARSim Aviation Radio Simulator is now available for download on the AppStore and Google Play Store and on the web. Users are encouraged to update to experience these innovative new features.

Headquartered at the Purdue Research Park, PlaneEnglish also offers customization options and enterprise licensing for flight schools and other institutions interested in using the software in group settings. Since its release in 2019, ARSim has been downloaded by over 600,000 users and is a training partner to the United States Air Force.

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