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PlaneEnglish is a partner of the FAA Safety Team. We are proud and excited to support its goal to lower the Nation’s aviation accident rate by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach, and education to all pilots. To support this mission and to enable pilots to achieve their training goals, PlaneEnglish now offers FAA WINGS accepted courses in aviation radio communication.

To take advantage of this opportunity you must:

1. Have on account on www.FAASafety.gov and participate in the WINGS Program – sign up free at www.FAASafety.gov

2. Access and complete the FAA WINGS accepted ALC-710 course available at https://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/course_catalog.aspx#catalog and through ARSim-web

Obtaining WINGS credit with PlaneEnglish ARSim is easy:

1. Find the course ALC-710 on the WINGS website (https://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/course_catalog.aspx#catalog)

2. Follow the link to create a PlaneEnglish account (if you don’t already have one) on the ARSim-web sign in page

3. Select the FAA WINGS Program on the sign in page

4. Complete the lessons and course check

5. Tap the “Request WINGS Credit” button and confirm that your WINGS Program email address has been entered correctly

6. Press “Submit” and you should receive a confirmation email from FAASafety.gov

What is FAA WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program?

The WINGS Program is based on the premise that pilots who maintain currency and proficiency in the basics of flight will enjoy a safer and more stress-free flying experience. The WINGS Program consists of learning activities and flight tasks selected to address the documented causal factors of aircraft accidents.

Reviewing and refreshing your knowledge is just as important as actual flying. To meet this goal, the WINGS Program provides many opportunities to complete online courses, attend seminars and other events, and participate in webinars. Many third-party providers like AOPA, Sporty’s, PlaneEnglish, and others provide courses that qualify for WINGS credits and support this effort.

Who can participate in the WINGS Program?

All pilots holding a U.S. pilot certificate may participate in the WINGS Program. Student pilots are encouraged to participate in the WINGS Program. They will receive Phase 1 at the Basic Level upon satisfactory completion of their Private Pilot practical test and completion of an online course on Aeronautical Decision Making.

PlaneEnglish FAA WINGS Accepted Courses

ALC-710: Radio communications at nontowered airports using PlaneEnglish ARSim

Upcoming FAA WINGS Courses

– Interactive VFR communications using PlaneEnglish ARSim

– Interactive IFR communications using PlaneEnglish ARSim